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Almira Wilson's Biography

CEO and Fashion Designer

For the Fashion House of Léonché


In March of 2006, the Fashion House of Léonché, (pronounced “lay-on-shay”) was created by Almira Wilson.  Almira was born February 1979, located in Washington, DC to Sheriff and Olabisi Daramy. Her parents originate from Sierra Leone, West Africa but her family roots extend to Senegal, Gambia, Morocco, Liberia, and Guinea. Born into a background saturated with art, culture & style, Almira welcomed her rich heritage into every aspect of her life. The clever name Léonché originates from the French translation for lion. Why lion? A lion exemplifies a strong, independent and courageous spirit, which is everything Almira wants Léonché to represent.


Almira is currently a Public Resident Designer at Macy’s Department Store in Washington DC, under the DC Fashion Foundation Incubator. In addition she has obtained a position as a Resident Artist /TV Host under the 202 Creates Program,
Office of Cable TV, Film, Music and Entertainment (OCTFME) .  Almira's goals for the next 3 years is to bring awareness to the hidden-talented Fashion Designers, Artisans, and the Movie Industry in the DMV, Sierra Leone, and abroad.

Her company’s motto: The Fashion House of Léonché is not just your average fashion label, It Is the NEW STANDARD!


FB: LeoncheLLC

Instagram: LeoncheFashion


Company Line: 240-350-4064

Email: Léonché


Almira Wilson Headshot.jpg
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