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1 on 1 Purpose Pusher Consultation




1 - 1 Hour Session


About the Course

Allow Almira Léonché to help you brain storm and narrow down the true meaning of your gifts and talents. Then to take it further into your passion. At times we may have difficulty figuring out what our passion is and how it can be used as means of making money or apart of our mission to help others.

Let's take 1 hour to break it all down and create a simple strategy to move forward with your Instructor Almira Léonché.

Your Instructor

Almira Léonché

Almira Léonché Daramy Biography
Almira Léonché Batu Daramy is a 1st generation Sierra Leonean-American born in Washington, DC on February 18th, 1979.
She is a child of God, devoted single mother of four children, and a humanitarian also known as “Almira the Purpose Pusher”. Ms. Daramy is most influential in leading others to find their purpose in life and has advocated for many needing support. A true Creative at heart, Almira was born with many talents including but not limited to: Fashion Designing, African Do It Yourself “DIY” Projects, Media Personality, Lifestyle Influencer, Fine Arts Teacher, Inventor of Canvas Runway, and Cyber Security Analyst.

Almira Léonché
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