If you're feeling full of life and ready for whatever comes next, this is your bow tie. The bright and cheerful shade of blue is just the ticket to brighten your day, and can be worn will an equally cheerful shirt to perfectly capture the joy of nice weather. 

Clouas Overhead Bow Tie in Sy Blue

  • Like many of our products, this bow tie was made with genuine African cotton wax. But could you tell? We somewhat hope not, as our products are meant to be not only African, but international. Leonche wants all of it's pieces to be worn by people of all cultures, in new and innovative ways! Our bow ties and all made to order, and come in two main sizes: medium(3 in wide), which are perfect for children,and large(5 in wide)for adults. The straps are fully adjustable, to accommodate whatever neck size the wearer may have!